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The USA Foundation's goal is to have the Brookley by the Bay Site developed in a manner that benefits the University financially. The central philosophy of the USA Foundation is to grow endowment assets, while supporting the University's operating needs. Since 1990, the Foundation has contributed more than $131 Million in support of the University of South Alabama, its students, faculty and academic program... (read more)

The Site is bounded by the Brookley Aeroplex on the south and west. Mobile Bay forms its eastern boundary. Today, this long (approximately 6,000 feet north to south) Site can only be accessed from the north via Old Bay Front Drive and Commander Drive. Because of its limited access the Site is very private and, potentially, very secure... (read more)
The Mobile Bay region includes Mobile and Baldwin counties with the city of Mobile as the dominant urban area. With a 2010 Census population of 595,257, the Mobile Bay region is Alabama's second largest metro area. Mobile is the largest metropolitan area along the Gulf of Mexico between New Orleans and Tampa... (read more)


Our Story      
      Brookley by the Bay is bounded by Mobile Bay on one side and the Brookley Aeroplex on the other. In 2012, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Airbus, announced that it will locate its first United States assembly plant at the Brookley Aeroplex, immediately adjacent to the Brookley by the Bay Site. The Mobile plant is recognized as a strategic move by Airbus to entrench itself in the North American aerospace industry and take on its rival Boeing. Airbus Americas Chairman Allan McArtor has already characterized the pending Mobile plant as the eventual "epicenter of commercial activity" for the company's North American operations. In light of its significant investment in the Property, the USA Foundation has developed Objectives for the Brookley by the Bay development and a Concept Plan.      

USA Foundation's Objectives for Brookley:

- Develop a property that will reflect positively on the
USA Foundation and the University of South Alabama;
- Contribute to the economic development of the region;
- Capitalize on the unique qualities of the property;
- Minimize the Foundation's future capital outlays;
- Generate a financial return on the Foundation's investment.


USA Foundation's Concept Plan Principles:

- Create a unique product that has regional appeal;
- Preserve property's environmental grandeur;
- Develop for a variety of building types;
- Create an efficient and flexible development framework;
- Create a sense of place that is environmentally appealing.



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